Rod Making Tools

One of the challenges I have when building bamboo rods is after I’ve planed the strips and I’m getting them in the correct order and alignment to glue.  It’s hard to manage the other five strips if you need to reposition one because the node spacing isn’t right.

I saw someone was using a cut-off from a heat treating fixture as a way to help and decided that I could make something similar on the 3-D printer.  I’ve designed alignment jigs for 4, 5, and 6 sided rods.

If you have access to a 3-d printer I’m happy to share my .stl files with you via email.  If you’d rather just purchase them directly from me, send an email with the number and configurations you’d like.  They will be sent in a USPS Priority Small Flat Rate Box which cost $7.15 anywhere in the US, outside of the US send me your address and I’ll provide you a shipping quote.