I enjoy the process of taking a 12′ culm of bamboo and turning it into a fine fishing tool.  Sensitive yes, but these rods are not delicate as often believed, and modern tapers, hollowing techniques, and glues have allowed the bamboo maker to push the limits of the craft and create rods that fish just as beautifully as they look.

I work on bamboo from October-April, the rest of the year is just too hot for the required time in the garage.  It takes about 40 hours for me to complete a bamboo fly rod.  I hand plane on traditional planing forms and use a baginski style beveler to rough out the triangles in my strips.

This year I’ll be offering my first bamboo rods for sale.  I’ve decided to focus on one taper (yet to be determined) for the year and make 3 or 4 rods from that taper to sell.  I’ll also be building some experimental tapers to help choose the taper for the following year.  I anticipate the rods will be ready for delivery in June 2018.  As I firm up the details I will be updating the bamboo page on this site.

Builds for 2017/2018

7’10” 6wt 1pc (completed 2/2018)

7’6″ 4wt 2 pc (completed 3/2018)

7’1″ 3wt 2 pc (completed 3/2018)

7’9″ 6wt 2pc (completed 3/2018)

6′ 3wt 1pc (completed 4/2018)

6’3″ 3wt 3pc (in process)

Built in 2016/2017

6’1″ 3wt 2pc (completed 1/2017)

6’4″ 3wt 2pc (completed 1/2017)

7’6″ 76/7wt 2pc (completed 2/2017)

6’9″ 3wt 2pc (completed 2/2017)

7′ 3″ 5wt 2pc (completed 4/2017)

7’3″ 4wt 2pc nodeless (completed 4/2017)




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