Originally from Miami, FL, I have been fly fishing since 1996 and involved in the fly fishing industry at varying capacities since 2002.  Since that time I have worked at fly shops and guided anglers in Florida, Virginia, Vermont, and Colorado, before settling in the small town of Lake Wales in central Florida.  Twenty years of fly fishing has taught me what I want in a fly rod and it’s my pleasure to be able to share these creations with you.

My rods combine modern tapers in bamboo and fiberglass with a simple, functional, and timeless styling.  There is a reason why the well respected rod makers of the past created tools that could stand the test of time.  In a society that has expectations that you will replace your cellphone every two years, computer every three, and car every six, I build rods that marry the modern tapers with the simple, functional, beauty, that will still feel right many years from now.

I build rods in my home based shop.  I’m fortunate to have a nice layout in the house where I can do all of the wrapping and finish work inside in a brightly lit sunroom. All of the work making reel seats and turning grips on the lathe happens in the attached garage.  The garage also houses my bamboo rod making equipments with a separate workbench for planing forms, plane sharpening, and baginski beveler.


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